WiNTiP Webinar Series


  1. November 4, 2010

  1. Eric Heiligenstein, MD, Clinical Director, Psychiatry, University Health Services, University of Wisconsin

  1. Bruce Christiansen, PhD, Associate Scientist, UW-CTRI

My Clients/Patients Don't Want to 
Quit: How to Talk with Your
 Clients/Patients about Nicotine 
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Addiction, Mental Health, Tobacco
Together at Last
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December  14, 2010

David “Mac” Macmaster, CSAC, PTTS, co-founder of the Wisconsin Nicotine Treatment Integration Project (WINTIP) provides personal and professional reasons for integrating evidence-based nicotine treatment into Wisconsin’s AODA and mental health services.This presentation was featured as a keynote address for the 2010 Addiction Recovery Month Symposium at the Indiana state conference of addiction and tobacco providers in Indianapolis. WINTIP clinician surveys indicate Wisconsin clinicians now believe it is the ethical and clinical responsibility to treat tobacco/nicotine dependence while other treatment is being provided.This webinar identifies key issues, research findings that support integration and shares the WINTIP story and its progress.

The History of Recovery in America
With William White

This NAADAC webinar will outline major milestones in the history of addiction recovery in the United States.  The presentation will span the rise of Native American recovery circles in the 1700s through the rise of a new recovery advocacy movement and new recovery support institutions in the opening of the 21st century.  The historical relationship between recovery mutual aid societies and professional addiction treatment will also be discussed

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The WINTIP Story
Part One
The WINTIP Story
Part Two

This webinar presents the birth of WINTIP and its early history and mission to save Wisconsin lives.

The second WINTIP webinar presents 2 tobacco integration projects underway and current WINTIP grants and projects